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WHAT'S INSIDE: How Lightning Damages Systems And The Technology Needed To Stop Lightning Damage! 
  •  What is lightning?
  •  What is a power surge?
  •  How does lightning cause surges?
  •  Why is the electrical earthing so important?
  •  What mains surge protector technology should you use?
  •  How do you protect sensitive electronics!
  •  Know what you are buying!
Bruno Felicidade Jones
Electronics Enthusiast And Part-Time Fly Fisherman
+27 11 786 5575
Bruno Felicidade Jones

I started my career performing soil resistivity tests in the 1990's, after which I moved into the electronics industry. I always wanted to design and develop my own electronic products, but there were limited opportunities in South Africa at the time. 

In 2001, I co-founded BFR Digital as an outlet for my desire to tinker with electronics and design my own products. A niche soon became apparent as we live in a high lightning density area and the imported low voltage protection devices are inadequate for the severity of our lightning storms. 

We have been designing and manufacturing surge protection devices ever since. But it has become evident that there is a need for people to understand what they are purchasing and also how to install these protection devices correctly. This is why I have put this simple course together.
For Gigabit POE Networks
Low Voltage Protection Products available for:
  •  Gigabit Networks
  •  POE Networks
  •  CCTV Systems
  •  HD-BaseT video distribution 
40KA Mains Surge Asserter with Sine Wave Tracking Technology
Power Protection Products available for:
  •  Single Phase
  •  Three Phase
  •  20KA, 40KA and 60KA 
  •  Also Protects Against Load-Shedding Surges
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